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Privacy Policy

Section 1


Wilson and Son Productions, LLC (henceforth referred to as "We," "Us," or the "Company"), reserves the right to track any user (henceforth referred to as "You") who comes to WilsonAndSonProductions.com, WilsonWeb.tech, or any subdomains of either website (henceforth referred to as our "Sites") by collecting:


Any data of how you use our sites, including but not limited to: what you buy, how long you stay on one page, where you came from (e.g. Google, a partner website, etc.), what links you click, OR


Any information you submit to our sites, post to our sites or store on our sites, including but not limited to: usernames, passwords, phone numbers, addresses, other contact info, private messages, private posts, and other Personally Identifiable Information (PII), OR


Any information you submit to the company or an employee acting on behalf of the company, including but not limited to: email, physical mail, text messaging (SMS), or phone calls (all of which may and will be recorded and stored permanently).


We reserve the right to use Cookies in order to personalize your experience on the site and track multiple visits to the site over time. For more info on cookies, see this article.


We are not liable for any third party (not owned or operated by Wilson and Son Productions, LLC) websites. Any links to third party sites are included for you convenience only, and are not an endorsement of the third party site.


Third party websites may (and most often will) be governed by a different Terms of Service and/or Privacy Policy. Users may not have the same rights and/or protections granted by this document. We are not liable for these differences.

Section 2


We do not, however, reserve the right to:


Track Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that you do not explicitly submit to our sites, including but not limited to:


Your location, unless you complete a survey where we ask you for your location, or your name and age, unless you submit those in a contact form, UNLESS


This data legitimately falls under the category of data we may collect under Section 1.2.

Section 3


If you want to view, edit, and/or remove your data from our servers, you may:


See any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) we store by emailing info@wilsonandsonproductions.com (Subject: View PII) with your full name, username, or phone number (yes, we do save these emails in accordance with Section 1.4), OR


Edit or remove any stored PII by emailing info@wilsonandsonproductions.com (Subject: Edit PII).


Note that Section 3 only includes PII, such as email addresses, names, and locations, NOT generic data such site usage.


We reserve the right to share your data with Wilson and Son Productions, LLC owned affiliates and subsidiaries.


We reserve the right to share data, if it is not PII, with third-party companies.


We may, with your consent, share PII with third-party companies.


We may share PII with third-party companies without your explicit consent if it is necessary to provide you with the Product, when our usage of your data can be reasonably expected.


If you have any more questions about the Privacy Policy, your information, PII, or our usage of your data, feel free to contact us at info@wilsonandsonproductions.com.

Terms of Service

Section 4


Note that these terms mostly apply to Wilson & Son Productions, LLC and WilsonAndSonProductions.com, since Wilson Web Technologies's individual sales have contracts that supersede these terms. However, these terms may still apply to Wilson Web Technologies, and still apply when not superseded by individual contracts.


Delivery of products (not applicable to Wilson Web Technologies) will generally be within ten to fifteen business days from when you buy the product on our site(s). If we believe delivery will exceed this window, we will show the estimated window on the photo's web-page.


Large orders may take additional time.

Section 5


If photos or other physical products arrive with any damages or errors, we will replace (but not refund) at no extra cost


Section 5.1 only applies within one week (seven days) of the product's arrival. Otherwise, or


If you are in any way unhappy with the product, contact us and we will try our best to resolve any issues.


The refund policy for custom Web development will be clearly defined in the contract.


We are not liable for any events that cannot be reasonably foreseen, prevented, and/or accounted for.

Section 6


Note that Section 6 applies to both the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy


We will always try our best to resolve any disputes, regarding these terms or otherwise.


If you have any complaints, please feel free to contact us. Your feedback is extremely important to us!


By using the sites, you agree in full to this entire document. If you don't, please exit the sites immediately.


In the event of any unresolved disputes over this document, you agree to attempt to resolve disputes through moderation, then (if necessary) binding arbitration.


You agree that you will not submit complaints or file suit against the company maliciously or with the intent of hurting the company.


This document and the terms outlined in it are subject to change without notice or consent.


This document shall be interpreted under the laws of the state of Arizona and the United States of America